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Process Automation

Atmosphere handles customer requests in an automated way based on your business processes. The platform provides the following features:

  • Intuitive workflow editor to configurate your chatbots
  • Simulator to test workflows without the need of a messaging account
  • Import and export interface for Microsoft Visio

Intuitive Workflow Editor

In our intutive workflow editor you can create chat flows as EPCs (Event-Process-Chains). In the editor you can define parameters such as the message texts, the chatbot sends to your customers, the way the chatbot reacts to different inputs, and the exchange of data with other corporate systems.

Chat Simulator

In our chat simulator you can test the created chat flows and can see in which step of the flow you currently are. This allows you to test and optimize your chat flows without the need to change between your PC and your smartphone.

Microsoft Visio Import & Export

The Visio import interface enables you to create your chat flows in Microsoft Visio and import them into the platform. Atmosphere generates the chats based on the imported Visio file. If you would like to edit an existing chat flow in Microsoft Visio, you can export it from the platform, edit it in Visio and then reimport the changed flow.