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Patented Group Communication

Atmosphere enables communication in groups across messenger-services while protecting the contact information of the group members, enabling the usage of messenger-based group communication in a commercial context.

This type of cross-messenger group communication has been patented by the AT Group.

Conventional Group Communication

  • Group is established within one messaging service.
  • Group members can see all other members including their contact information. This is a problem in the context of commercial use.
  • Groups can only consist of members that are registered within the same messaging service. A cross-messenger group communication is not supported.

Atmosphere Group Communication

  • Group and its members are configured within Atmosphere platform.
  • From a technical perspective, the group members do not directly communicate with each other but with Atmosphere as a broker. The platform forwards a message received by one member to all other members of the group.
  • This enables the creation of cross-messenger groups.
  • Atmosphere protects and hides the contact information of all group members. This is a key requirement in the commercial use of messenger-based group communication.