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Real Estate

The key business of real estate companies consists of renting as well as buying and selling property. Atmosphere is intended for real estate companies with a portfolio of at least 1.000 up to more than 100.000 objects and offers solutions for messenger-based communication with prospects, existing tenants, employees, and third parties such as mechanics and external realtors.

Atmosphere clients benefit from more than 20 years of experience of the AT Group in the real estate industry and a broad range of integration solutions with other AT products as well as products of other vendors (CRM and ERP systems).


Atmosphere provides a variety of solutions for real estate companies to enhance external as well as internal communication.

Customer (Self) Service

From capturing the request of a prospect for a specific object, clarifying a tenant's question on his utilities statement to interconnecting tenants and mechanics for appointment coordination - Atmosphere covers a wide range of typical customer requests in the real estate industry.

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Customer Surveys

From comprehensive tenant surveys to event-related satisfaction evaluations after answering a customer inquiry - Atmosphere provides an easy to use toolset for customer surveys.

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Project Communication

Projects such as modernization measures, restorations or new constructions require communication between a variety of stakeholders such as property owners, local politicians, tenant advocates or journalists, as well as an appropriate communication towards the affected tenants. The solution: Atmosphere.

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HR Management

You think application submission via mail is outdated? So do we! Atmosphere enables you to receive applications and schedule job interviews via messenger.

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In the real estate industry Atmosphere is used by numerous residential real estate companies with different portfolio sizes from 1.000 up to more than 300.000 objects, including Germany's biggest housing companies as well as industry associations consisting of several hundred companies. Thus, Atmosphere enables messenger-based communication for some million real estate customers and processes over 12.000.000 customer requests per year.

Use Case


As one of the leading real estate companies in North Rhine-Westphalia VIVAWEST manages about 120.000 flats in 100 communes in the Rhein and Ruhr area, providing a home for more than 300.000 people.


The chatbot developed for Vivawest provides customer self service for real estate prospect as well as tenants. Thus, customer requests are captured and solved in a fully automated way. Typicial types of requests are:

  • General request of prospects looking for a real estate object in a certain town or city
  • Specific request referencing the advertisement of a certain real estate object
  • Status check of previous request
  • Appointment management
  • Review and update of personal information

The video shows a general request of a real erstate prospect, who selects a specific object on the linked map (Wohnraumkarte) and files a specific request for the selected offer.