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Meetings & Events

Meetings, events and fairs in a professional context typically offer a broad range of exhibitors and panels to the participants. To keep track of the agenda without the need of installing a new app exclusively for one event, the Atmosphere Event Assistant supports participants with real-time information on the event via messenger.

Due to our cooperation with the marketing & event management agency mindact the Atmosphere Event Assistant is build upon several years of experience and feedback from numerous successful applications at events of well known companies.


Atmosphere provides messenger-based solutions for event managers as well as participants.

Customer (Self) Service

The Atmosphere Event Assistant has been developed to support participants of events and fairs by providing information on the agenda, individual speakers, and exhibitors. Furthermore, the assistant can remind participants at selected agenda items and enables them to evaluate the event via messenger.

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Customer Surveys

How can you improve a great event even more the next time? By listening to the feedback of the participants. And what would be a more comfortable way to ask your participants for feedback than a messenger - no matter if during or after the event?

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Project Communication

Atmosphere supports the organization and management of events by providing a tool for messenger-based project communication. Based on Atmosphere's group chat capabilities all involved parties such as hosts, agencies, suppliers, technicians and exhibitors can easily be coordinated.

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HR Management

Most events rely on hiring temporary workers such as waiters or stewards at the event location. Atmosphere provides an easy to use channel to receive applications and coordinate job interviews with applicants.

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The Atmosphere Event Assistant is intended to support professional and educational events such as congresses and fairs. In Germany these types of events have a market share of 66% with more than 270.000.000 participants in 2018 (Source: EITW Meeting & Eventbarometer). Being used at events of well known organizers such as TED, Atmosphere reaches several hundred thousand participants. Even if Atmosphere just has entered this industry, it is experiencing high demand from the very beginning.

Use Case


TED is a non-profit organization arranging innovation conferences all over the world. Started as a four day conference in California over 30 years ago, the format is now used for conferences in a variety of languages all around the globe, limiting each speaker to a maximum of 18 minutes for his or her panel.


In 2019 Munich hosted the youth edition TEDxYouth. The Atmosphere Event Assistant provided the following services to the participants via messenger:

  • Overview of agenda
  • Information on the individual speakers
  • Reminders for previously selected agenda items via push message
  • Event evaluation via messenger

The video shows a participant's chat with the event assistant. In a first step, the participant checks the agenda, then he requests information on a specific speaker, activates reminders, and finally rates the event.