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The insurance industry has advanced much more in terms of digitalization than lots of other industries. Many insurance companies provide a comprehensive set of online services to their customers. Atmosphere extends these offers by adding an additional channel to receive customer requests: The messenger - an app that already is installed on the smartphones of nearly all insurants.

By implementing the German BiPRO-Standard Atmosphere can be easily integrated in existing system landscapes of insurance companies.


Atmosphere provides a new channel for insurance companies to communicate with their customers and automate customer request handling using interfaces to the existing system landscape.

Customer (Self) Service

On the site of an insurance-related event there rarely is a computer with access to the insurer's online service. But nearly all insrants have a messenger installed to report their claims.

Our use case can be found here.

HR Management

You think application submission via mail is outdated? So do we! Atmosphere enables you to receive applications and coordinate job interviews via messenger.

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Customer Surveys

From comprehensive insurant surveys to event-related satisfaction evaluations after answering a customer inquiry - Atmosphere provides an easy-to-use toolset for customer surveys.

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With a premium volume of more than 72 b Euro, german property-casualty business covers over 316 million insurance contracts and thus the risks of allmost all citizens and companies. Cost and competitive advantages for insurance companies arise through faster claims processing and uncomplicated, low-threshold communication with the policyholder. Here Atmosphere helps in the damage situation on site and also allows the immediate transmission of a photo documentation of the damage event. This includes e.g. the transmission of insurance data of involved parties - an important tool for rapid processing and decision-making. Automated processes deep into the company's systems relieve the employees and help in the decision-making and claims management process.


Use Case


As a mid-size insurance broker the client offers products and services of over 40 insurance companies to his customers. For insurance-relevant events, the client acts as a first contact to support customers in handling the case with the insurer.


The chatbot servers as a new channel to receive requests of insurants:

  • Notification of claim
  • Request for new insurance offers
  • Review and update of personal information

The video shows the capturing of a damage notification via messenger.