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Don't panic!

Atmosphere connects your company to the most popular messaging services and automates customer request handling in connection to your existing enterprise systems. You probably have a lot of questions on this. Don't panic! We have answers for you...

Why should you use messaging services?

Messaging services have primarily been used in private communication so far. Why should your company use this channel, while you are already reachable via phone or even offer an enterprise app? Because you customers expect you to!

On average Germans only make use of phone calls for 8 minutes a day


Only 11% of newly installed apps remain on a smartphone for more than one year


But 92% of German smartphone owners are using messaging apps daily


Chatbots? Does it suit your company?

Our chatbos communicate with your customers in the way you train them - based on your business processes. Communication with a chatbot via messenger is based on the same rules as your communication with customers via telephone or mail. With the exception that our chatbots can reply to simple requests in a fully automated way, enabling your employees to concentrate on more complex tasks.

Does this work in your industry?

Chatbots and automated customer communication - does this work in your industry? Are there any use cases or even better, any best practice processes? Yes, there are. Based on several years of experience and our diverse client base we have developed best practice chatbots for numerous industries and business processes.

What about data protection and privacy?

As a company based in Germany we are actively supporting the implementation of GDPR requirements.

Exclusively end-to-end encrypted messaging services

Atmosphere exclusively uses end-to-end encrypted messaging services for communication. Thus, not even the messaging service provider can access the content of the chats. Please click here for a list of supported messaging services.

Explicit opt-in and opt-out

In order to further contact a customer via messenger after his or her initial request, the customer is explicitly requested for an approval (opt-in). Needless to say the customer can also revoke is approval via messenger (opt-out).

Conversation opening by customer only

The first message to our platform has to be initiated by the customer. This way we can be sure that the customer has deliberately decided to use the messaging channel and agrees to the communication via this channel.

Data storage and processing in Germany

As an exclusive partner of the Open Telekom Cloud the Atmosphere platform is hosted and operated on German servers and benefits from T-Systems' high data security standard. Furthermore we are member of the Association for Data Protection & Privacy (GDD).