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HR Management

You have questions regarding an interesting application or want to invite an applicant to a job interview, but you can't reach the applicant via telephone? You would like to differentiate your company in the competition for qualified staff? Shift your application process to the messaging-channel!

Atmosphere enables applicants to submit their applications via messenger and companies to contact interesting applicants via chat.


  • Submission of applications via messenger around the clock (24/7)
  • Connection to the most popular end-to-end encrypted messaging services: Your applicants can decide, which service they would like to use
  • Response via chat: Your HR staff can contact applicants directly via messenger, for instance to schedule a job interview
  • Request for data deletion via chat: In case an applicant got a job at another company, he or she can request the deletion of the application material via messenger


  • Your applicants use an app they already have installed on their smartphones - no need to download a new app
  • Asynchronous chat-based communication between your HR staff and applicants allows your employees to focus on other tasks, once an applicant doesn't instantly reply
  • Your employees don't have to install any messaging apps on their smartphones - they communicate via the Atmosphere Platform

Use Case


In this case the client is the AT Group itself, leading the way by offering a messenger-based application process since 2017.


The chatbot developed for the group's application management supports our HR department by offering the following services:

  • Submission of applications via messenger - for listed job offers as well as unsolicited applications
  • Status check of submitted application by applicants
  • Tools for HR department to reply to applicants via chat to clarify open questions and coordinate appointments
  • Review, update and deletion of submitted data by applicants

The video shows the submission of an application via messenger.