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Customer Surveys

How satisified are your customers with your products and services? What could be improved? To answers this kind of questions a lot of companies are willing to invest a lot of effort. But no matter if the surveys are executed via mail, via phone or via online-questionnaire - in many cases the response rate leaves room for improvement. So why don't you use a medium, that already is installed on the smartphones of your customers?

Atmosphere provides easy to use toolset to set up and conduct customer surveys via messenger.


  • Import of questionnaires from Excel or simple configuration via Atmosphere web interface
  • Automated satisfaction evaluation after completion of customer request (e.g. "Could we solve your problem?")
  • Time triggered invitation to participate into comprehensive surveys via messenger
  • Export of survey results to Excel and comprehensive visualization tools in Atmosphere web interface


  • Your customers use an app that they already have installed on their smartphones - no need to download a new app
  • Automated triggering of surveys based on certain events (e.g. completion of a request)
  • Answering without time pressure: Questionnaires can be answered via chatbot step by step in a timeframe of several days
  • Due to Excel import and export interfaces Atmosphere can be used in combination with existing survey tools

Use Case


The client is a regional real estate company with a portfolio of about 20.000 flats. The company is setting up tenant surveys on a regular base and decided to introduce messengers as an additonal channel.


The Atmosphere survey tool provides the following features to our client:

  • Import of existing surveys from Excel
  • Answering of survey questionnaires by tenants via messenger
  • Export of survey results to Excel

The screenshots show a tenant answering a questionnaire via messenger.