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Customer (Self) Service

Which are your main customer service channels? Telephone? Website? Do you have a corporate app? Why don't you use the most important communication channel for smartphone owners - the messenger? 92% of all German smartphone users are communicating via messenger on a daily base and expect companies to offer this channel as well (Source: Statista).

Atmosphere connects your company to the most popular messaging services and enables a fully-automated handling of customer requests as well as chat-based replies by your customer service staff.


  • Automated capturing of customer requests via chatbot round the clock (24/7)
  • Connection to most popular end-to-end encrypted messaging services: Your customers decide, which service they use to contact your company
  • Configuration of the chatbot based on your existing business processes and ticket catalogs
  • Optional forwarding of customer requests to your service staff to be manually handled using the Atmosphere Chatcenter
  • Comprehensive reporting tools to analyze request types, frequencies, durations and times
  • Interfaces to integrate Atmosphere with existing corporate systems such as CRM or ERP systems


  • Your customers use an app that already is installed on their smartphones - they don't have to download a new app
  • Chatbots reply without any delay - your customers don't waste time in a phone queue
  • Less pressure on your callcenter staff - chatbots handle simple requests in a fully automated way while your employees can deal with more complex problems
  • More personal character of communication, even if your customers communicate with a chatbot in a fully automated way
  • Your employees don't have to install any messaging apps on their smartphone - they communicate via the Atmosphere Platform

Use Case


LEG Immobilien AG is a German market-listed real estate company with a focus on the strong North Rhine-Westphalian market. The company based in Düsseldorf has a portfolio of 134.000 flats and provides a home to more than 360.000 people.


The chatbot developed for LEG provides customer self service for real estate prospects as well as tenants. Customer requests are handled in a fully automated way. Typical requests are:

  • Questions or changes regarding an existing rental agreement
  • Permits in the context of an existing rentalagreement
  • Complaints regarding the living environment
  • Billing related questions and requests
  • General and specific requests of prospects
  • Status check for existing tickets
  • Appointment management
  • Review and update of personal information/customer profile

The video shows the fully automated handling of a tenant's question regarding keeping of pets.