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AT Group

The AT Group is working on digitalization for over 20 years now. Initially with a focus on the real estate industry, especially on merchandising of property, the portfolio and industry focus of the group has been broadened through acquisitions and startups.

Located in Hattingen we are developing our innovative products in functional and specialized teams. Our strengths lie in high agility and flexibility in the implementation of client requirements. Our employees are highly motivated due to a combination of creative freedom and high autonomy.

Our history in a nutshell

  • 1996 - Foundation
  • 2000 - Registration as AG (joint stock corporation)
  • 2013 - Investment in Wohnraumkarte
  • 2014 - Startup of AT Innovate
  • 2017 - Startup of Atmosphere
  • 2019 - Startup of AT|CM
  • 2020 - Development of AT Maps


The AT Group is divided into four divisions.

AT Estate

AT Estate is the founding and core division of the group. The AT Estate portfolio supports the real estate merchandising process of mid-size and large real estate companies for both - selling and renting property.

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AT Innovate

AT Innovate is the name of the group's innovation lab. Based on our experience of over 20 years of digitilization projects and our in numerous projects successfully applied innovation methodology we jointly identify the most important topics and develop a feasibly implementation roadmap for your company.

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AT Maps

AT Maps is a tool to publish your portfolio on a simple and intuitive map. Due to its widget-based technology only a few lines of code are required to embed and configure the map on your website.

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Atmosphere connects your company to the most popular messaging services and automates customer request handling in connection with your existing enterprise systems. More information on the technical concepts, answers to frequently asked questions and various use cases can be found on the other pages of this website.

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